Yoga Classes Online?

If you are new to yoga, you will need to attend some classes to learn the basics. If you can, a proper yoga school, the style type doesn’t really matter, is probably better than yoga in a gym but the main thing is to just start going to a beginners’ class. Get on the yoga mat and move, breath and get to know your body better.

I live a long way out-of-town so getting to a class is hard. Also, luckily I have been practising on and off for a long time so I have the basics down. There is nothing wrong with using online resources.

One day I will have classes on YouTube to share but until then I recommend doing what I do and use some of the great free resources available.

My favourite is Stephen Beitler at Free Yoga TV. Stephen has a huge range of classes you can play and follow; from beginners through to more advanced classes. He has a Patreon page so if you use his videos you might like to donate to himI do :)

There are many more to explore and if you find a teacher you like, use their classes. The main thing is to get on the mat… every day if you can… just 15 minutes will make a difference.