Ripping the skin off the snake

As I am trying to undertake a change in my life, I was thinking about growth and change. I love what Trinh Ba Rinpoche says about change…you can think about it like a snakeskin. When we decide we want to make changes in our lives we often want to rip the skin off the snake and be changed already. But it’s important to wait to shed the skin–it’s so much easier. In my own practice I have been asking myself; am I ripping the skin off trying to bring about this change that I want?… Or am I leaving enough space, and allowing for the skin to shed?

Change that comes quickly also leaves quickly. Be patient with yourself; let the skin shed, let the body change, let the nervous system changeit doesn’t happen overnight.

Be your own best friend, rather than constantly fighting with yourself. Try to notice if you’re trying to rip the skin off or allowing space for change. Be patient. This is an explorationthe important thing is to find what works for you, find what works for your body. Notice what’s happening in your thoughts notice your focus.

When we want to change we try to eat the whole elephant in one go. Start with little things that you can apply. Start small, let it happen. Allow the change. Don’t rip the skin offlet it shed.

Until next time, be brilliant in all that you do.

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